I blame the worms

[ 0 ] May 22, 2013 |

This past week has been something else.

Last Wednesday, little one studied worms in his science class and got to bring home a bin with three red worms (earthworms). There were leaves, shreds of newspaper, etc. for the worms. The key here being that I brought worms into my house. Willingly.

Last Thursday, I saw my doc to talk about the migraines I’ve been getting all the time and why they might not be going away for longer periods than part of a day. I’m on a migraine preventative medicine so she wanted me to try going off pain killers–completely–to see if I’m getting rebound migraines.

Go. Off. Pain killers.

Sure. Why not? Says she with the herniated discs and hip and knee arthritis. Fine. I haven’t taken any since last Thursday morning. Fun.

Last Friday I walked around a local fair/festival and nothing really big happened.

Except I felt something funny inside.

On Saturday, that something funny decided to tear my body up from the inside out. For seven hours I lived through being one step away from going to the hospital. The pain was horrendous. And I took no pain pills. Yay, me.

In the middle of that horrible seven hours, I tested for red belt in my TKD self-defense class. I barely remember it. I’ll find out tonight if I passed.

Sunday morning, little one woke up surrounded by blood. I’ve never seen so much blood from a supposedly fine person. That was one seriously nasty bloody nose and I spent the rest of the day working on getting blood out of his sheets and such.


Nothing hugely traumatic happened Monday. Well, except I had to say goodbye to a friend who is moving out to CA. That’s a very long way from NC.

Tuesday, yesterday, little one got his upper front two teeth extracted. He screamed from the pain of the needle giving him numbing shots, begged them to stop what they were doing, and then there wasn’t enough numbing on the left side so he began feeling the extraction. They had to give him another shot. I never want to live through something like that again and mine was just the emotional trauma.

Seeing the holes in his gums and listening to him try to talk with those missing teeth makes me shudder slightly each time.

This morning, one of the worms had escaped the bin and I was the one who found it. Little one had no problem picking it up and putting it back in the bin, but still. I had a freaking worm in my house. And I wasn’t allowed to kill it.

I’m going to blame this whole last week on the worms.

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