Happy New Year

[ 0 ] January 1, 2013 |

I started 2013 off by backing up all the photos on my phone and then deleting a few hundred of the thousand on there trying to free up some space. Carbonite is working hard to back all of them up. Oops.

I also whittled one of my inboxes down from 400+ emails to around 90. Another inbox got pared down from 217 emails to 54. And I filed away more than a hundred emails in a third inbox. That was huge for me.

I worked on my holiday-themed WIP that I’m loving. It feels good knowing I started off the year right by getting some writing done.

I didn’t exercise, but I’d exercised yesterday doing a Kicks Only videotape and some light weights from a DVD. I’ll be doing the elliptical tomorrow so I’m not worried about today being a rest day.

On twitter, Alexandra Haughton was looking for a one-word motto or phrase to describe her writing career in 2013. This is what I came up with:

I will write the best stories I can write.

Here’s to an incredible 2013.

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