A Monday…All Day Long

[ 0 ] August 20, 2012 |

My son’s first permanent tooth has cut through the gum completely. The problem is that it came in very far inside his mouth, behind the baby tooth itself.

The baby tooth has been loose for several months. We could wiggle it a little but it was never to the “cool” stage of having a loose tooth.

Now, the baby tooth is barely moving when I try to wiggle it. Not good. And the new permanent tooth has caused a gap to form between the loose baby tooth and the tooth beside it.

To top it off, my dentist is in the process of moving and mentioned seeing my son on September 17th. A month away? I don’t think so. I’ve gone to this dentist since 1995 but I’ll find a pediatric dentist in a heartbeat if she won’t take the time to work us in.

I got to visit the chiropractor today for myself. I managed to get a small misalignment in the C8 / C7 area that caused a nerve impingement. Pain, tingling, and numbness woke me this morning. Oh, and no ability to use or even move my arm.

Yep, today’s been a Monday…all day long.

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