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[ 0 ] September 30, 2013 |

Last year, we spent a lot of money having ten pine trees removed from our backyard. Some of the benefits of having that done include no longer having to deal with pine allergies and pine needles everywhere including clogging the gutters. And the big one for me–getting to walk out onto my deck barefooted because […]

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Horrible Nightmare

[ 0 ] August 2, 2013 |

I’m one of those people who doesn’t usually remember their dreams. In fact, it’s a very rare thing for me to remember a dream I had. Sometimes I might remember some kind of impression, but that’s about it. This morning, I woke up from a horrible nightmare and I still remember the whole thing. I […]

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I blame the worms

[ 0 ] May 22, 2013 |

This past week has been something else. Last Wednesday, little one studied worms in his science class and got to bring home a bin with three red worms (earthworms). There were leaves, shreds of newspaper, etc. for the worms. The key here being that I brought worms into my house. Willingly. Last Thursday, I saw […]

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Crayola’s Spring Green

[ 0 ] April 16, 2013 |

Crayola has this awesome color – Inchworm So when I was looking at the yellowish-green color of my deck – thanks to the incredible layer of pollen – I was thinking maybe Crayola should rename their green yellow color to Pollen. Then I found Spring Green. That might be the color of pollen elsewhere in […]

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The House Project That Keeps Growing

[ 0 ] March 6, 2013 |

The original carpet installers didn’t stretch out the carpet in our bedroom, and over the years we’ve grown speed humps down the middle of the room. Mr M decided we needed to get rid of the carpet, and since he’d installed laminate wood flooring in our son’s room (son is allergic to dust mites so […]

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