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For My Own:Contemporary Christmas Anthology

[ 0 ] November 20, 2013 |

Two weeks from tomorrow, my debut releases from Carina Press. I feel so lucky and privileged to be sharing a spot in an anthology with Alison Packard and Kinley Cade. These ladies have written very different, and yet very enjoyable Christmas novellas. I think our stories fit nicely together. The night we decided to email each other […]

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I need a phone detox

[ 0 ] November 19, 2013 |

I need a phone detox. No, really. I do. I was working in my office (thanks to the great decluttering office cleanup) on my computer which I love and hadn’t used since August of 2012 and got reacquainted with it this past weekend, and as I was finishing up, I decided to respond to an […]

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ARC Contest – Love A Little Sideways AND Christmas Curveball

[ 0 ] November 16, 2013 |

Friend and mentor, Shannon Stacey, is hosting a contest on her blog to give away early copies of not only her next release, Love A Little Sideways, but also Christmas Curveball. All you need to do is tell her in the comments of her blog post which is your favorite season: winter or summer. She’ll […]

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Christmas Curveball Cover

[ 1 ] October 28, 2013 |

I’m sooooo excited to show you the cover for Christmas Curveball. It’ll be out December 5th from Carina Press. And as a bonus, here’s the cover for the anthology Christmas Curveball is part of:   Edited to add the link to the book page:

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A Bad Week for My Hand

[ 0 ] October 6, 2013 |

Saturday a week ago, I tested for my red belt with black stripe in my self-defense class. One of the things we were tested on was board breaking with knife ridge hand technique. I was nervous the board wouldn’t break and I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I gave it my all. The board […]

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